About The Author

Ka’Ron Gaines is a proud Father, Author, Activist, Founder of Programs, and Creator of Businesses.

Ka’Ron Gaines founded the Grades Is Money School Tour, Stop The Violence Music and Comedy Tour, the More Than A Baby Daddy Fresh Start Program, Our Community Cleanup Crew, and Team Southside.

He is also a recording artist, stage name “Mr. One God ”. Gaines is the founder and owner of One God Clothing which spreads the message of One Race, One Culture, One God through a fashionable art form. He is a talented actor who has played in multiple independent films, some still in the process of being released.

Ka’Ron wrote this book after realizing what was missing from so many children’s lives was the lack of knowledge in who they are.

“Nobody my age really  even talks about God and when we do it’s not the typical conversation”, said his daughter PROMISE.

That should strike a nerve in any parent.

Unfortunately, with so many misconceptions of what God is, it is hard for people to decipher through what they believe is truth or not.

This book was written to spark new free-thinking thoughts in the minds of children around the Universe.

“It would be counter-productive of myself to create a book telling children what God to believe in or what I think God is, but I believe there is nothing wrong with creating content that will make our children think.”